Size Matters! Find out how many Square Feet of Living Area you Really Have
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 We specialize in measuring and sketching floor plan and room layout of residential property in the greater Houston area.

 We calculate approximate square footage of living area, garages, and garage apartments. Room sizes can be be measured at the same time upon request.

 Digital photos can be taken if needed. Call for price.

 Custom CMA reports available with comp adjustments Call for price.

 Full appraisal reports available. Call for price.

 24 Hour average turn around time.

 Sketch Drawings can be emailed to you as a PDF file and / or uploaded to your website. 

 Variable pricing starting at $150.00 up depending on size and details of service required.

 Our work is performed by a State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser with over 34 years of experience. Measurements are based on the ANSI® measurement standard. This is the appraisal industry standard.


In determing home values, it all starts with one number. Agent or appraiser, in every residential transaction, if you change the square footage total you change the value. Ask any broker the top five questions in selling homes and "square footge" is on every list. Size or square footage is the way most Americans percieve real estate values. It is a unit of comparison that most buyers and sellers understand. Advertisements across the country talk about "price-per-square-foot" and most of the consuming public understands their meaning. In pricing residential real estate, square footage is the second most important element of comparison. Other than location, "size" is the key element in determining the price of a single-family home. Buying or selling, the more accurate the square footage, the better chance you have of getting a fair price for your home. Indeed, Size Matters! 

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