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A Win-Win-Win Program 

    Approximately 80% of Buyers looking for a home need to sell theirs before buying another one!   Wouldn’t it be great if they were able to sell their home and not pay a listing commission?  

Well, Broker Dick Carr has made it easy for you to do just that!  

When you see this sign on one of our listings and you use Dick as your agent to purchase that listing, he will sell your current home and not charge you his listing commission! Why, you ask, would he do that?  The answer is simple: It’s a Win-Win-Win

  • Seller WINS – They get their home sold!
  • Buyer WINS – They get a great new home & their old home is sold for free!
  • We WIN – We get two delighted clients

  There are a few details in the fine print, like, “I can’t sell your house if it’s in Indiana, because I’m not licensed there.”, or if you are already in a buyer agency relationship, implied or otherwise.

To get the details & more importantly, set up a showing on my listing and make an offer, please fill out the contact form to the right.

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