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About Ben C.

Hi, I’m Ben Curry… also known as the Jax Real Estate Geek. 

1. Hard work. Many Realtors claim to work hard. But, I didn’t have a choice growing up. I come from a family of 10 kids. My Dad worked his butt off to provide a good life for us. So, he didn’t have a problem getting us to help out around the yard. 

My parents had 16 acres and a Plant Nursery. I spent many afternoons in my childhood pulling weeds, mowing, and working on the never ending list of projects. As a result I got used to hard work. 

Now, why does that matter to you? I accomplish much more for my customers… because of my hard work, smarts, and experience. 

2. I Work Smart. Now, anyone can claim to “work smart.” But, let me explain how I do it. I use data and best practices. For example, I’ve identified 7 things that cause homes to sell for more money – than similar homes. 

How did I identify these 7 things? From my 12+ years of real estate experience… and my extensive study of home sales. I’ve got the data to prove these 7 things work. And, I can use these 7 things to help you sell your home for more money. 

Are you looking to buy a home? I can help you find your dream home – even in a red hot real estate market. How? I use a predictive algorithm… to find off market properties… that you can buy – usually with no competition. 

3. I Deal In Facts. Making the wrong decision on a real estate transaction can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. (I can show you actual examples.) With so much on the line, I want to make sure my customers have the correct information. 

If you’re facing a big decision, I can provide you with solid data so you can make the correct decision. 

Now, many people like to make big claims. But, they often don’t have anything to back them up. If I make a claim, then I usually have the data to back it up. 

4. I’m A Problem Solver. This may not seem important. But, real estate isn’t always easy. Problems often arise and stop a sale. If the problem isn’t solved, then the sale doesn’t go thru. 

I’ve solved many problems that other people weren’t able to solve. How? Some creative thinking. And, when that doesn’t work, then I can usually find an expert who does have the answer. 

5. First Class Marketing Of Your Property. I guarantee that I will work hard for you. I’ve identified 7 different things that cause homes to sell for more money. 

I will use all 7 of these things to ensure your home sells for the most money possible. 

Bottom line: I’m here to help YOU! Please let me know how I can be of help.


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